Angkor Wat Cleaner

Wat Cleaner

I met this man up inside Angkor Wat.  His job is to make sure the floors are clean.  We exchanged greetings and I asked him a question about an inscription I read in one of the carvings on the temple wall (specifically about Preah Se-Ah Metrei, a promised coming savior in the Buddhist scriptures).  Because the language is some type of Old Khmer, most of it cannot be read, but I was suprised to find that certain religious words can be made out.  I asked him after talking if I could take his picture, he obliged, and there is the result.

Aperture: ƒ/2.8Camera: CYBERSHOT UTaken: 30 May, 2007Focal length: 5mmISO: 100Shutter speed: 1/80s



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  1. Photo Restoration

    One more step to the right and the sun would interfere with the composition, beautiful detail in the shade, no need for HDR here, great shot!


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