Vishnu Idol Inside Angkor Wat

Vishnu Idol

Angkor Wat was built originally as a Hindu temple.  Many believe it was dedicated to this god, Vishnu, who stands at one of the many entrances. Vishnu is viewed as the supreme god in Hindu religion.  It is actually unusual for a depiction of Vishnu to have more than four arms (this one has eight), but the many arms represent his all-powerful and all-pervasive nature.  But today, even though Buddhism is the national religion of Cambodia, this Hindu idol of Vishnu is worshipped – as well as every other idol in the Angkor Wat complex.  The people are held in by fear, and therefore worship just about everything, trying to make sure no god or spirit is angered by being ignored.



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  1. C.G. Suprasanna

    I realised my childhood dream when I personally visited Angkor last january 2008. Before this, I had written about the greatness of this temple complex as also of the khmer kings, especially of Surya varman the great. I almost spent 5 days visiting the temples at Angkor. I noticed a huge but broken bronze statue of Ananthasayee, the sleeping vishnu which must have been 16 meters long in its original form. We Hindus in India worship lord Buddha as one of the 10 incarnations of lord Vishnu. It is my humble request to his Majesty his Highness the King of Kambodia Shri Naroddham Sihamoni and his father , most respected and HH Shri Naroddham Sihanouke to rebuild the bronge statue of lord Vishnu which is now in the national Museum in Pnom Penh and also to enable daily worship of lord Vishnu in Angkor wat by Khmer Brahman priests. Also kambodia should be beware of chinese & vietnamese influence otherwise just see how chinese have colonized Champa, now vietnam.

  2. shai

    Cambodians’ religion back then were HINDU. The new king in 9th or 12th century switched to Buddhism. Hindu or Buddhism, we pray and believed in the same GOD or GODDESS. Hindus believes that Lord Buddha is the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, I don’t believe that, In Cambodians’ believes there are FIVE BUDDHAS and they are brothers. Of course it will be debates over that. KEEP PEACE, HOPE AND FAITH IN THE LORD….. Lord Buddha or Lord Vishnu it DON’T MATTER pray to all!!!!! RESPECT EACH OTHERS BELIEVES.


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