Khmer Apsara Dance

Thunder and Lightning Apsara

This classical Cambodian dance (Robam moni mekhala-ream eyso) retells the story of Moni Mekhala and Ream Eyso. “The legend of Moni Mekhala and Ream Eyso is an origin myth explaining the cause of thunder and lightning which Khmer people believed comes from Ream Eyso’s axe flying toward the goddess, thundering and shaking the sky as it lands while Moni Mekhala’s crystal ball lights up the heavens as she tosses it in the air to blind the ogre. Together they bring rain, the symbol of renewed life as it imparts fertility to Cambodias farmlands.” -

Aperture: ƒ/1.8Camera: Canon EOS 60DTaken: 25 June, 2012Focal length: 85mmISO: 800Shutter speed: 1/80s



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